Nicki Minaj Relates To Lindsay Lohan’s Character From ‘Mean Girls’

By Henna Kathiya with reporting by Christina Garibaldi

We all know Nicki Minaj is not one to mince words when talking about how she really feels--her stint as a judge on “American Idol” has proven that. So when she was asked what “Mean Girls” character she identifies during her “MTV: First” it was easy to assume that she would pick Regina George, the Queen B in the movie. However, Nicki actually identified with Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady because of how often she moved around as a child.

“When I was in grade school--my parents, whenever they would fight we would have to move again and so I ended up going to a lot of schools and I would always get grilled by everyone and so the cool girls, I could front and fit in with them if I wanted to but then I would just be like ew,” she said. “Eventually I was like you ain’t even my cup of tea like I’m on my Nicki ish. But I think with the “Mean Girls” thing I was definitely always the new girl because I was just always the new girl everywhere.”

Nicki also opened up about her past when she appeared on the cover of ELLE recently, explaining just how difficult it was for her to adjust to new environments. So things weren’t always easy for the Pink Friday rapper.

“[School] wasn’t difficult from an academic standpoint but it was difficult in that I went to a lot of new schools. It was always a little bit nerve wrecking trying to meet new people and meet new friends and I’ve always been the type of person like I don’t want to kiss anyone’s ass like I’m not going to beg to be your friend and I’ve always been like that,” she said. “If you like me you like me. Like I always remember having the butterflies in my stomach like oh my god another new school.”