Chris Brown Kept 'An Open Mind' With Producers On X

Thus far Chris Brown has teased that two of the standout features on his upcoming album X will include Kendrick Lamar on "Autumn Leaves" and Rihanna on "Put It Up," but what about the production? He told MTV news that he worked with an array of producers, ranging from Timbaland to young up-and-comers, in order to craft the perfect sound.

"For this X album I tried to have an open mind with who I was working with. I didn’t say no if it was a new knew producer. If it was a young kid on the street—it could be a teenager that had a beat, I just loved the energy and the whole process of making this album," he said. "It was a positive and great thing."

"We put everybody in the studio," he continued. "I kinda did the Quincy Jones thing, I brought different producers from different places,  including—PK, Eric Dillinger, Danger, Diplo, Timbaland, Verse Simmonds and Seven who’s one of my best friend sand she’s one of my artists. So being able to work with her and get her input as a writer too was good."

"I just tried to be more green [in the way of] not thinking that I knew everything or not thinking I had the direction fully. I just wanted to go in and create a great project and something everybody could relate to and love."