Ray J Dedicating 'I Hit It First' Single To Kim Kardashian?


Some relationships really leave a lasting impression on you, just ask Ray J, who decided to title his upcoming release "I Hit it First." The song will debut via TMZ, but judging from the title and the artwork it won't be surprising if he's sending this out to one of his very famous exes.

Update: Ray J's 'I Hit It First' Gets At Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Is it us, or does the artwork via Karen Civil seem to be mimicking (and not in a flattering way) 'Ye's artsy cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

Last summer the R&B singer-turned reality star decided to comment on his ex Kim Kardashian's relationship with Kanye West, first with a sly tweet and later during an interview. After retweeting Kim and adding a 'lol' (Lol RT @KimKardashian: Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts), which clearly caught the attention of the press, he clarified during an interview with  Power 106.

"I felt like it was real, what [Kardashian tweeted]," Ray J said. "I kinda laughed about it, 'cause it was 100."

"I wish 'em the best. Life is a roller-coaster, so you never know what's gonna happen," he added, addressing her relationship with Kanye West. "But I wish 'em the best, much success to both of 'em. Yo, this whole thing is like a Magic Mountain experience." Right.

Stay tuned.