Is Daddy Yankee Gay? Reggaeton Star Faces Speculation Over Photo

Macy's Herald Square Welcomes Daddy Yankee

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Twitter was abuzz today with news that reggaeton star Daddy Yankee had confessed to being gay. According to various Spanish language gossip and news blogs, the "Gasolina" artist had come out after photos surfaced of him kissing another man. "Daddy Yankee" quickly became a trending topic on Twitter for several hours and fans wondered about the veracity of the rumor.

Some fans were happy for Yankee, tweeting, "Daddy Yankee came out the closet, good for him. My opinion of his music didn't change. I still think he's talented." Another questioned the photo and whether it was of Yankee at all. "Supposely Daddy Yankee is I the only one that is like 99% sure thats not him in the"

Daddy Yankee himself remained mum, only tweeting subliminally about the downfalls of technology via an Albert Einstein quote. "Temo el día en que la tecnología sobrepase nuestra humanidad. El mundo solo tendrá una generación de idiotas. Albert Einstein" which is loosely translated to "I fear the day in which the technology exceeded our humanity. The world will have a generation of idiots."

According to Caracol, Yankee's manager has debunked the rumors and called them a "lie" per Mexican newspaper Excelsior.