Tyga's Tupac Collaboration On 'Hit Em Up:' Is It A Win?

On Monday (April 1) Tyga released his latest Hotel California single "Hit Em Up" with a feature from Jadakiss....and Tupac, which has hip-hop heads buzzing about the legitimacy of the move. On the track, the YMCMB rapper uses bits of Pac's lines from "Thugs Get Lonely Too," "Thug 4 Life" and "Komradz," to create the feeling that the deceased rapper is actually rhyming with him on the track. Is it a win?

"A lot of people think it's a remake of 'Hit 'Em Up,' his song — which it's not a remake, it's original," Tyga told MTV News last month, adding that it isn't necessarily a diss record, like Pac's track was. "When you're talking about 'Hit 'Em Up' you ain't really dissing nobody, but you lettin' it be known that you don't rock with certain people." He said that he originally wanted Nicki Minaj on the track, but when that didn't work out he came up with some other options.

"I sent it to Jadakiss, and after that I was done with the song, and then I had came across some 'Pac vocals from a friend. I was like, 'Man, this would be dope,' but I didn't really know how to use it properly."

Are fans feeling Tyga's rendition of 'Hit Em Up' with Pac's vocals?"

@EC_the2nd Why tyga have to do my n----a 2pac like that?!

@rgbrownie Oh no. Tyga + Pac on Hit Em Up for his new album. I can't imagine it would be anything but a disservice.

@Tytan_VGVK Tyga snapped on that hit em up by gettin Pac's vocals

@shadesgotswag Everyone hatin on tygas new song "Hit Em Up" ft 2pac... Saying that's disrespectful of tyga to do that. no one knows what PAC would do

@SouthSideKid215 Tyga has no business on a track wit 2pac smfh

@ItsSeanStarks How Tyga gonna force Pac to trade bars with him over a DJ Mustard beat? Rap game too weird for me right now

@mOnKofficial Best unofficial PAC track is wit 50 all eyes on me. Idk what Tyga n Kiss was thinking lol

@LA_masala At least if Kendrick or Lupe made a song feat Pac I'd be satisfied ..but Tyga? With his "buzza on beat" intro...nah

@Fabian_FNFUp Can't believe people giving Tyga props for keeping Pac "alive"? No, just no...

@DOPE_MusicBlog Pac is rolling in his grave right now.. who gave the okay this?? I can't imagine Pac would want to trade bars with Tyga

@BigGhostFASE If Tyga really wanted to throw a fake Pac collab on his album its whatever...but why he name it after sons most infamous record?

@_Massiah Just got done listening to that new Tyga track with a supposed feature from Pac...god damn, they really reaching...

@_TPreece_ who let tyga have a 2pac verse on his new hit em up song? ....smh