Chris Brown Still Enjoys Drake's Music Despite Their Issues

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chris Brown is coming clean. As he promotes his new album X, the bad boy is clearing up his alleged issues with fellow artists Frank Ocean and Drake. Breezy told Big Boy of Power 106 in LA that his alleged assault on Frank Ocean was sensationalized and that he still enjoys Drake's music.

"It's in the past," he said of his tiff with Frank Ocean. "Some stuff went down, it's whatever. It's not what's always a misconception...I got respect for his music." Earlier this year, news broke that Chris had sparked an argument with Frank over a parking space and the disagreement turned physical.

On his long-suffering relationship with Drake, including throwing shots at the rapper at a nightclub recently, Chris initially laughed the question off. Then he sobered up and said that "It's not entertainment for me. It's more me saying what I got to say...I ain't got people after him. We just chillin. I have my differences and he has his."

It doesn't seem that Chris is a fan of Drake, but he will admit, "His music's still hot." Chris said that he's open to coexist with Drake, and knows that he has to because they're both successful artists, and that's about it. From the interview, Chris seems focused on making new music and his career. It just so happens that beefs and issues follow him around. "I got this sh--  happening, all the time," he said