Kim Kardashian And Kanye West More Into 'Easton West' Baby Name

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Kim Kardashian may not have been a fan of the name "North" for her baby, but the reality show star and rapper Kanye West are into on another directionally-based name, "Easton."

Kim spoke to Jay Leno last night on "The Tonight Show" and revealed her plans for the name. "We have a list, and some of them are K names some of them aren't," she said per US Weekly. "[North] is not on our list. But you know what name I do like, I like Easton. Easton West. I think that's cute."

Kim then quickly said that the name "probably won't be on [our list], because it kinda goes with North."

She also opened up about the possibility of having reality show cameras inside the delivery room similar to older sister Kourtney on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "I don't even think I'll have a camcorder. I don't even know if I would want that as a memory," she shared. "Although, there's always a chance. I don't know. I might change my mind."

Speaking of undecided names, Kim's other half has been making waves with speculation around his next album title.