Rihanna's Nude Stripper Pictures Take Raunchy To New Level


via Rihanna Instagram

By Henna Kathiya

We all know that Rihanna loves to push boundaries as much as she can. From rekindling her controversial relationship with Chris Brown to constantly posting raunchy pictures on her Instagram account, but last night BadGal RiRi took her racy pics to a whole new level with some X-rated shots from the strip club.

Rihanna posted three scandalous pictures of strippers, she later deleted them but not before getting nearly 4,000 likes. One of the pictures she posted was captioned “I love my job #3girlzon1phuckinpole.” The other two shots were even raunchier with full body shots of the strippers and captions quoting her hit song “Pour It Up.”


Her pictures from last night basically looked like the x-rated version a “Pour It Up” video. One of the pictures was captioned “I got mo money” and another was captioned “$trip club$ and $$$ bill$” with some very up close and personal shots of these ladies at the strip club. Leave it to Rihanna to always keep things spicy.


What do you guys think about these pics?