Lil Wayne Is 'Glad' He Didn't Make 'Hottest MCs' List


This year MTV News "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII" list really rubbed a few rappers the wrong way (including Kanye West, who actually did an interview to complain about his placement) but at least Lil Wayne didn't seem to be offended by being left out of the top 10.

During an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles on Thursday, he addressed his health issues, revealing that he's epileptic and Wayne was also asked about his exclusion from the "Hottest MCs" list. He clearly wasn't that upset about it though, because he laughed while delivering his answer, replying.  "I didn't even check the top 10 list, but I'm glad I didn't make it either. I probably pissed some people off at MTV or somethin', I dunno."

Wayne's new album I Am Not A Human Being II debuted last week, and it's expected to sell approximately  200K copies in its first week, which falls shy of his monster debut with Tha Carter IV, which sold over 900K in its first week on the charts.