Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Excited About Raising A Bi-Racial Baby

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By Henna Kathiya

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that they were having a child, the public couldn’t help but wonder what kind of parents they would be, or what crazy name they would come up with for their child, but another issue is what it will be like for the two of them to raise a bi-racial child. Kim addressed her thoughts on raising an bi-racial child while promoting her role in Tyler Perry’s "Temptation."

Kim spoke to BET (via YBF) about how she and Kanye plan on raising their child. “I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities and their children are bi-racial, so they have kind of talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect and what not to expect,” she said. "But I think that the most important thing is how I would want to raise my children is to just not see color. There will be so many experiences…that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it so I think raising a child in general is challenging.”

Kim also mentioned that she wants her child to be well-rounded, getting all of the experiences that he or she can. “Obviously you want your children to travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere so I think that would be something that is important to me to give as much information as I could,” she said.