Riff Raff Wants To Battle James Franco For His Rapper Identity

By Maurice Bobb

No one would accuse the flamboyant rapper RiFF RAFF of copying another rapper’s style. But apparently, the golden rule about originality doesn’t go both ways. In the recently released movie, "Spring Breakers," actor James Franco plays a character, Alien, who looks eerily similar to the Mad Decent signee and now the rapper wants his identity back.

Imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery, but Franco scoffed at the idea that his character was based on Raff, instead claiming to draw inspiration for the character from Floridian rapper Dangeruss, a move that likely prompted the Houston-bred spitter to go off script in a recent “Rappers Review Movies” interview with Next Movie.

“Where my lawyer at? James Franco bought the Riff Raff Halloween costume and he decided to glue it to his body,” Raff said before offering up a quick and disjointed review of the Harmony Korine-directed flick. “Man, it’s like people crazy and then people shooting and stuff and then, I pull up in the car, I mean James Franco pull up in the car, and then Gucci Mane—not in the movie enough—he pull up in the tangerine Lambo, but it’s supposed to be more Lambos cause I’m supposed to pull up beside him and then the movie ends and I don’t know what else happened cause I’m waiting for part two still.”

The rapper born Jody Christian then went on an incoherent tirade about the public not knowing who the real RiFF RAFF is due to Franco’s portrayal in the film, running through his purple diamond codeine necklace charm and sneakers as signature insignia for identifying the real RiFF RAFF.

Then, unprompted, the Neon Icon MC then issued a challenge to the Academy Award-nominated thespian to see who should win the role for the movie’s sequel, should there be one. “I challenge James Franco,” Raff said. “We gotta play a one on one game of basketball, we have to have a freestyle battle and have a race, 100 yards, no shoes on. And at MGM Grand, a boxing match, Don King promoting. Winner takes all. He can have all this ice if he wins and he can have my name. Story ain’t done yet.”

Do you agree that James Franco's Alien character in Spring Breakers was based on RiFF RAFF?