Kanye West's Album Isn't Titled I Am God


By Maurice Bobb

We all stand corrected. After a BBC News report stated that the title of Kanye West's sixth studio album might be, I Am God, a  source from Yeezy’s camp reached out to the Huffington Post to clarify. 

Ye’s highly-anticipated LP is still untitled, but there will be an upcoming single from the project called “I Am A God,” which could easily be misheard as “I Am God,” thus the confusion.

"We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being," the source told HuffPost. Malik Yusuf, a longtime collaborator of Kanye’s, took to Twitter to explain the meaning behind the song’s title. “its "I am(A) GOD" FAMO #psalms 82," he tweeted at the handle @TeamKanyeChi via Fake Shore Drive.

While the backlash the initial reports drew in for the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy MC can’t be undone, fans can make amends by postponing judgement on the track, which, according to the source, will be centered around the idea that all people are manifestations of a higher power, until they hear the song and its message firsthand.

Chances are good, though, that the song won’t be sacrilegious, considering that the G.O.O.D. Music CEO has handled the subject matter with musical integrity and reverence in the past with his previous hit, “Jesus Walks.”