Love & Hip Hop's Winter Ramos Says Jadakiss Wanted Her To Write Tell-All Book


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Rappers usually don't ask to be the subject of hip-hop tell-alls but according to "Love & Hip Hop's" Winter Ramos, Jadakiss encouraged her to write her upcoming book "Game Over."

In an interview with VladTV, Winter shares that she dated Jadakiss in the late 90s before he was famous. "We came up together. I guess he saw a lot of the growth," she says. "He put the battery in my back."

Winter says that Jadakiss, fellow cast member L'orel and Game are but some of the people in the book. Winter denies that she ever slept with her former boss Fabolous. In terms of sexual relations, Winter says that Nino Brown from Junior M.A.F.I.A. will be mentioned. She says that her book will be a combination of who she's worked with and who she's slept with.

Winter says that she's never had bad relationships with people and most of the people mentioned, including Fab, had no issues with her writing a revealing book. For the few that did have an issue, especially those were married at the time, she is unapologetic. "This is the music industry. Married men cheat," she says.

Game Over is officially out April 1.