Did Lil Wayne's Not A Human Being II Album Live Up To Expectations?


It's March 26, which means that Lil Wayne's much delayed album I Am Not A Human Being II is finally in stores, and the reviews are out. Although critics have certainly given their taken on the LP, it's always interesting to hear what the fans actually think about the project that they've been waiting so patiently for.

The album arrives just a few days after the YMCMB rapper was released from an ICU at a Los Angeles hospital, and that's certainly fresh on fan's minds as they listen. Though the project was clearly recorded way before those recent events, it's interesting to note what Wayne is rapping about on the most of the album: That'd be multiple references to his penis and sex, and even a few references to drugs and guns--both of which are a little taboo for him at this point, especially considering that Birdman had to stand up and brush off rumors of drug abuse after the seizures.

Over the past year it seems as though Wayne has reserved most of his excitement and passion for extra curricula activities like skateboarding, and not so much rapping, so how does that translate in his new music? See the reactions below.

@Diorkidraul I highly recommend you listen to Lil Wayne's new album I Am Not a Human Being II cause perfection

@K1NETIC1913 HA! The New York Times basically said Lil Wayne's new album has nothing on the greatness he produces when he's on drugs. lol smh

@chelseagavin Everyone should go and buy Lil Wayne's new album, I Am Not A Human Being 2. It's so dope! x

@batey_joey Lil Wayne's new album is complete and utter garbage. I'd rather listen to Helen Keller auto tune.

@Ehsan_Raza Lil Wayne's new album is just no, it's awful.

@_FeelinSumWay Im in love with lil wayne's new album ... Sh-- is too nice

@AymunKhan Lil Wayne's new album is pretty good

@Wickedlander Ok so I'm listening to Lil Wayne's new album I think he has fully lost it now

@zarcur 42m Lil Wayne new album, my rating: 7/10

@Katrinaaaaaah all i wanna know is why hot revolver is on Lil Wayne's new album, because i've been listening to that song for years

@MikeGauthier321 lil Wayne's new album Is actually really f---ing good. #shocked

@RyanSmi21 Lil Wayne's new album is bad #ExpectedMore #StepItUp

@Reichl21 Lil Wayne should pay me for sitting through his awful new album hoping to find 1 good song

@louise_alyssa My day just got better.....Lil Wayne's new album released on iTunes today. YES. ?

@Shane_Allbright Lil Wayne's new album.... Worst $18 I've ever spent #felloff

@swagglyricist Lil Wayne new album goes hard as usual

@PESixtyOne Remember when Lil Wayne dropping a new album was a much bigger deal?

@Cashvillesdice Damn XXL called Lil Wayne's new album BORING...they said he ain't hungry no more all he talks about is eating p---y and the size of his d---

@YoungflamesGi ain't feelin' lil wayne new album

@antcav94 Probably shouldn't have wasted my money on Lil Wayne's new album