Love & Hip Hop: Mendeecees Turns Himself In, Joe Budden And Tahiry Take A Trip

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night, emotions ran high on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop NY." Rich Dollaz sits down with Olivia and his mother who continue to complain about his relationship with Erica. Olivia and Mama Dollaz basically call Erica sleazy for sleeping with Rich's ex Tiffany. "That's disgusting" says Olivia. "I think you lost your way," says Mama Dollaz. Rich denies that he loves Erica and says he was merely using her. Olivia threatens to leave Rich professionally unless he drops Erica.

Based on Joe's recommendation, Raqi Thunda tries (sort of) to apologize to Tahiry. The mea culpa seems forced and Tahiry rejects it. Raqi, as always, storms away and nothing is resolved with the two. In other unresolved relationships, Joe and Tahiry take a trip to the Dominican Republic to see Tahiry's father. She has an emotional meeting with him and tells him how his treatment of her mom has affected her trust issues with men. The exes start the trip fighting on the beach but eventually, they sit down and talk about what's going on. It's clear that neither has truly moved on from their relationship. Is this unfinished business, and will we see a Joe and Tahiry reunion?

Speaking of poor communication, Jen and Cons' relationship seems to be on shaky footing. She complains that they have issues and stress is negatively affecting her. "I can't live like that!" she says. Cons says that he's not in the mood sometimes to deal with their domestic problems because of his issues in the music industry. "I don't want to lose you but you need to treat me good," says Jen.

Finally, Yandy and her family go through an emotional episode as Mendeecees is forced to turn himself into authorities for drug charges. Mendeecees tries to hold back tears as he says farewell to his son, not knowing when he'll be able to come back. Due to the weight of the charges, there's uncertainty on what exactly will happen to Mendeecees. Yandy takes her man to the courthouse. Though it's a difficult time, she knows in her heart that their story isn't over and this is merely a hurdle in the road.