Limp Bizkit And Lil Wayne Get 'Ready To Go' On New Single


Limp Bizkit's back ya'll. Fred Durst and company surprised us last year when they announced a new deal with Cash Money Records, but they were excited about taking their music "to the next level," and their first official single since signing to the label is  "Ready To Go" with a verse from Lil Wayne, who lets us know that those 90s memories are still well and alive, spitting, "Red hat to the back like Fred Durst!"

The track, produced by Polow Da Don, is heavy with guitars, drums and a dash of hip-hop--likely what most of the group's upcoming music on Stampede of the Disco Elephants will sound like.

"Limp Bizkit, we were pioneering something of our own, sort of a revolution back in the day, and with Birdman and Slim, they really recognized that," Durst told MTV News last year, explaining why they signed to YMCMB. "They feel that spirit and that power, and they wanted to give us an opportunity to be ourselves and take it to the next level. That's what YMCMB is all about.

"They empowered us as artists to have no limits and to be who we are," he continued. "They just let us do what it is we do, and I really respect their work ethic. I love their music, and I've been a fan. To be a part of the family, it just feels like the only place that's a perfect fit for Limp Bizkit and myself. It's a polarizing statement, but at the same time, it's a big deal."