Frank Ocean Gets Fashionable For Band of Outsiders Campaign


By Driadonna Roland

Frank Ocean hasn't left his Odd Future gang, but he has joined a 'band.' Fashion label Band of Outsiders dropped five sun-soaked Polaroids of the singer/songwriter, the first set of 23 pictures that will be unveiled Wednesday through Sunday.

Ocean gets rather dapper, posing in a tuxedo in various locations around the Los Angeles Times building. The brand's founder and creative director Scott Sternberg snapped the shots himself. But Band of Outsiders is in for the slow reveal. You'll have to drop by the label's Tumblr and Instagram (@thisisbandofoutsiders) throughout the week to check out Frank sporting looks from the spring and summer 2013 campaigns.

Ocean joins the likes of Josh Brolin, Amy Adams and Michelle Williams, who are decidedly un-hip-hop, as Band of Outsiders models. (However, rapper Kendrick Lamar did pose for the brand's fall 2012 campaign.) But it's been a huge crossover-type season for Ocean, who was nominated for six Grammys and garnered praise from the far reaches of Hollywood for sharing that his first love was another man.

A while back Ocean mentioned an interest in tapping into other facets of his creativity. Modeling wasn't the first outlet that came to mind, but Frank is no stranger to Band of Outsiders. After all, the designer is responsible for the banana yellow suit he donned for his Grammy performance of the channel Orange song "Forrest Gump."

And while you revel in Frank's fashion sense, don't think he's too far gone. In February he said in an interview that he was well into recording his sophomore album.