Azad Right Lets Los Angeles Shine In 'Showtime' Video

By Carolyn Amurao

Besides Azad Right himself, the city of Los Angeles is the star of the rapper’s new video, “Showtime,” which is the first record from an upcoming project, For the Hopeful, slated to drop later this spring.

The “Showtime” video features the 23-year-old Iranian-American rapper/producer spitting directly into the camera, as splices of the SoCal life change rhythmically behind him. Positioned in the center of the frame, the Santa Monica native is at first wearing sunglasses, a white T-shirt and a black hoodie, but after a picturesque sunset draws upon the golden valley, Azad changes into a slick-looking jacket, a collared shirt and black-rimmed glasses.

Just over 3 minutes in the video goes from day to night, where shots of palm trees, colorful murals and the Santa Monica beach are accompanied by ones of bikini-clad girls and expensive cars. It is a rap video, after all.

Azad says of his new video: “[‘Showtime’] is a great introduction record to the project because my ultimate goal is to give the people a dose of the soulful, substance heavy hip-hop that my homies and I grew up on.”