Chad Johnson Calls Out Evelyn Lozada For YMCMB Hook Up

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By Henna Kathiya

Apparently the drama doesn’t have to end just because the marriage did. Chad Johnson still had some things to say about his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, when he went on a Twitter rant yesterday (March 20) about the reality star sleeping with a member of YMCMB.

After a particularly messy split last September based on the charges that Johnson head butted Lozada, things have been pretty quiet since then. However the former Miami Dolphins player has still heard rumors trickling down the grape vine which spurred his Twitter rant.

“Since you want to open up a can let’s air out the dirty laundry of the oh so saved and righteous when it’s convenient!!!!, he tweeted. He went on to attack Lozada’s publicist as well. “F--- you and your PR campaign to keep your 15 minutes alive…she better hope that YMCMB d--- keep her straight for life."

Although Lozada does not have any affiliations with YMCMB music wise, the Cash Money’s book division published her book "Inner Circle", last year.

Lozada put her two cents in, refusing to engage directly by tweeting. “KEEP TALKING CAUSE I’M WALKIN…” However she did post a more subtle message on her Instagram account, “Fools talk because they’re trying to convince themselves. The wise are quiet because they already know their truth.”