Lil Wayne's Not A Human Being II Album Leaks: Early Fan Reviews


By Maurice Bobb

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. After weathering a scary trip to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, where he remained for six days due to seizures, Lil Wayne was released earlier this week, only to have to endure an artist’s worst nightmare: the dreaded album leak. Weezy’s highly-anticipated album, I Am Not A Human Being II, which features Gunplay, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Big Sean and Drake hit the web early and fans are already chiming in with their reviews.

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Mack Maine, who stopped by "RapFix Live" yesterday to reveal that Wayne was in good spirits and recovering nicely, previously described the album as “lyrically insane.”  “Wayne being Wayne, it’s lyrically insane,” the YMCMB prez said. “When he does I Am Not a Human Being, he actually taps into a different part of his brain where he just talks out of his mind and out of this world. Just expect him being Wayne, but more edgy, saying what he wants, a lot of fun, a lot of high energy.”


Once the leak hit the ‘Net, industry tastemakers and fans alike downloaded the albums by the thousands and took to Twitter in droves to comment on the 15-track project's guest features, songs and lyrics.

While tweets are still coming in, it looks as though the Young Money superstar is getting mixed reviews from those fans who have already heard the album.

@ImJustMariohhhh 15m “If None Of Yall Haven't Heard Some Of The Leak Songs Off Lil Wayne I Am Not Human Being II You Need To Its Hot Af”

@Yung_Lemon94 15m “Lil Wayne I'm not a human being 2 is leak yall. My lil brother in the room jamming it”

@DejahVuuu “Lil wayne went off on I am not a human being 2”

@George_Hillss Just not feeling lil Wayne's new album

@antt_lane “who heard that “I am not a human being ll" lil Wayne the best rapper out!”

@omkalaichelvan “Downloaded the new Lil Wayne album..going in with low expectations”

@TMahl Lil Wayne's new album is straight bangers!

@blackbeanage “Lil Wayne still makes his punchlines for 15-year-olds.”

@jakeitals i am confused as to how Lil Wayne actually released this as an album, it is atrocious, every single song.

@Miguel0_0 “how did Soulja Boy end up on the new lil wayne album? Lol”

@MrWood93 This lil Wayne album is dope tho

@Tiko_Prime  “Listening to this lil wayne I am not a human being 2 leak, I think this will be lil waynes worst album to date”

@illdrinkyolean “this lil wayne and gunplay track is nice”

@CP_NUPE_4 “Lil Wayne needs to just stop rapping this I am not a human being 2 is trash, only songs that cool are the singles”

@NeverFraudulent “This so called "album" Lil Wayne decided to put out sounds very mixtape-ish! It's no where near album quality.”

@CiscoGo 1m “Soulja Boy's bars on Lil Wayne's Trigger Finger are so garbage, trash, wack, worthless, pointless, elementary...I need more adjectives...”

@DaBiggBoss_  “Lil Wayne should've featured 2 Chainz on "Trigger Finger" instead of Souja Boy”

@Baddaddyking “Soulja Boy on Lil Wayne's new album. What a buzz kill. -___- lol”

@sea_biscuit_ “This lil Wayne album is actually worse than I expected.... “

What are your thoughts on Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II album?