Is Beyonce Following Rihanna's Lead With 'Bow Down?'


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Beyonce's new song "Bow Down" still has everyone talking since its release. The brash, in-your-face track is more aggressive fare than what people might have expected from Beyonce whose past hits have tended to err on the more romantic side. Many fans liken Beyonce's new swagger, which also includes more expletives than we're used to from Mrs. Carter, to bad gal Rihanna, who is known for assertive, sexually-charged songs like "Birthday Cake" and "Pour It Up."

"That sounds like more of a Rihanna type of song. I am very surprised Beyonce went that route lol This a DIRTY jawn anthem type of song lol" said one fan on Twitter, stating that "Bow Down" could be a Rihanna track with lines like "Don't get it twisted/This my sh-t/Bow down, b-tches." Another fan said that the "new" Beyonce may even take Rihanna's spot as pop's bad girl. "Beyonce done made y'all forget y'all loved Rihanna 2 months ago. Smh. Lol."

Other fans don't like the Beyonce and Rihanna comparisons. "someone on my TL said beyonce is trying to keep up with rihanna.. uhm no.. beyonce has enough money to chill out for a little" said one defiantly on Twitter while another threw in "no, Rihanna can't do it like Beyonce."

One person who seems to have taken offense to the song is singer Keyshia Cole, who sparked a Twitter storm yesterday after blasting the number. "Can't stand when people all self righteous when it's convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk sh-- when convenient 2 FOH" she tweeted, along with "First "Women need to Stick together" now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it's all G! Chicks stay shooting the sh--. .."

Beyonce's fans a.k.a. the BeyHive quickly swarmed together and responded to Keyshia in a string of very angry tweets. Keyshia even responded to some. "Never said there was any. IM not in denial... God Bless RT @_BEYHive: @KeyshiaCole f--- yo unity."