Love & Hip Hop NY: Yandy Gets Engaged, Rich Dollaz Starts A Love Triangle

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Monday night (March 18) on VH1's "Love &Hip-Hop NY", forgiveness was the common theme. First, Erica tried to mend her relationship with Rich Dollaz. After sitting down with Yandy and later, Mama Dollaz, Erica decided that she had to get her man/manager back by any means. Of course, this meant seducing Rich while wearing little else but a trenchcoat.

Erica apologizes (kind of) and the two reconcile. "At the end of the day, what we have is real and I'm gonna get my man back," says Erica. Okay, then.

The happy couple may be short-lived. We meet Rich's ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, who tells Olivia that she hooked up with Erica so she can tell on Erica. Huh? Say what? Yes. Tiffany apparently slept with Erica so she could trap her and keep Rich to herself. "Does Rich have a gold-tip dick?" asks Olivia. Good question!

Elsewhere, Raqi sits down with Ebro of Hot 97 who urges her to apologize to Joe Budden and Consequence. According to Ebro, Raqi has burned way too many bridges and she needs to get herself together if she wants a career in radio. She meets up with Joey to ask for forgiveness. "I think it would be dope to make amends," says Raqi. She basically says that she needs to prove that she can be friends with Joe for her career. He says he's down if she apologizes to Tahiry. "Tahiry is a no-go," says Raqi, but then says that she'll think about it.

We learned that Tahiry had a tumultuous relationship with her father, who ran out on her at a young age. Tahiry opened up to her mother about how her father's actions have led to her dating the wrong men. As she plans a trip to her native Dominican Republic, Tahiry wants to meet up with her Dad and talk about their issues. Out of nowhere, Joe Budden shows up and says that he of all people will be joining the trip. Wonder what Kaylin has to say about that?

In the one non-dysfunctional relationship of the episode, Mendeecees decides he's ready to settle down with Yandy. He takes her to a mansion in New Jersey and asks her if she wants to move in. Yandy hesitates, saying that she wants to be married properly before taking this step. Surprise! Mendy pulls out a ring and gets on one knee to propose. "I'm never gonna leave you," he says. *Cue tears* and Yandy says "Yes!"