Joe Budden's Girlfriend Kaylin Garcia Opens Up About Their Relationship

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Joe Budden may be outspoken on "Love & Hip Hop," but fans know little about his usually-quiet girlfriend Kaylin Garcia. After a whirlwind season, Kaylin spoke to In Flex We Trust about her past as well as her tumultuous relationship with the rapper.

Kaylin explains that she's originally a dancer and was homeless before meeting Joe. "I didn't know where I was going because I was lost at that moment" she says. The 21-year-old says that she was in love when she moved in with Joe and had no ulterior motives. "He said, 'I need you,' so I stayed."

Though fans have seen the relationship go through issues on the show, including Joe's ex Tahiry coming back into the picture, Kaylin says that she and her man know what they have. She wouldn't reveal the exact status of the romance but says, "There's three sides to the story. There's Joe's side, there's my side and there's the media's side...I know what it is and he knows what it is."

Joe Budden has been facing other issues with castmates on the show. Recently, Joe and fellow rapper Consequence got into a physical altercation after the shooting of the reunion episode. "I just wanted to have a conversation with him, face to face about anything that him or his significant other wanted to address to me," Joe said about it in an interview with ThisIs50. "I wasn't there to fight or make him look away, it wasn't a setup, cameras, I wasn't there for that."