Bleu DaVinci Says There's 'No Issue' With Rick Ross’ ‘B.M.F.’


via Sway's Universe

By Muhammad Abdulhafith

When Rick Ross dropped "B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)" it moved a lot of people and he had almost every rap fan shouting that they were either Big Meech or Larry Hoover. While some took the shout-out of the notorious gangsters as an act of disrespect, B.M.F. leader Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory was delighted with the name-drop and B.M.F. crew member Bleu DaVinci isn’t sweating it either.

"I didn’t have no issue with it. I don’t feel like anybody else should of had an issue with that,” DaVinci said during a visit to Shade 45’s "Sway in the Morning" radio show on Friday (March 15), when the popular radio and television host broadcasted live from SXSW in Austin, Texas. “Whoever can latch onto something we did or we doing and can better themselves from it, make some money, feed their kids, I’m with that."

The respect from Big Meech seemed mutual, though the love didn't seem to spread, which quintessentially caused an uproar. Bleu spoke on Rick Ross' 2010 single which he feels paid homage to street legends Larry Hoover and Big Meech, although it wasn't made clear by Ross he felt the record was a testament of how they wanted to be viewed not as thugs, but business men.

Even Big Meech's mother spoke publicly about the record, stating that her son wasn't put in a bad light. According to Bleu, B.M.F. sees no problem with people using their name as long as they aren't disgracing it. However members of the Gangster Disciples, a street organization founded by Larry Hoover, felt the rapper was taking advantage of Hoover’s legacy. Members of the organization sent a string of YouTube threats asking the MMG rapper to rectify the situation.

During his interview with Sway, DaVinci recalled when he first met Meech and in Gardenia, California after he shot a film called "3 Strikes." Meech wanted to legitimize his street business at that time and saw working with Bleu, who was making his name as a rapper, as a path onto the straight and narrow.