Lil Wayne Gets Balloons From Nicki Minaj During Hospital Visit

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Lil Wayne is still recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after he suffered from more seizures on Friday, and a long list of friends and family have been taking their turns to visit the YMCMB rapper. Birdman and Drake were spotted making a somber entrance at the hospital over the weekend, followed by Nicki Minaj who came bearing balloons.

TMZ captured footage of Nicki arriving at the hospital with a handful of balloons for Weezy and according to their reports she spent about an hour hanging with him at the hospital. On Saturday Birdman was spotted outside of the hospital, in addition to Drake and NBA baller Chris Paul who was also snapped as he left.

Lil Wayne's Seizures: What's Causing Them?

Early reports from the gossip site sent fans into a tailspin on Friday when they reported that Wayne was in critical condition after suffering from seizures, being found unconscious in his room. They claimed that he had to have his stomach pumped because there were high amounts of codeine in his system, and even added that he was "being prepared for his last rites."

Members of Wayne's camp, like Birdman and Mack Maine took to Twitter to shoot down those claims, adding that he was "in good spirits," with others like T.I. and Lil Wayne's daughter lashing out at the outlet for false reporting.

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