Beyonce's Tough Talk On 'Bow Down/I Been On': Is It Believable?


By Georgette Pierre

Following her Super Bowl performance and the premiere of her somewhat revealing HBO documentary last month, the Beyhive (and the rest of the world) have been anxiously awaiting new music from Queen Bey. Well, she had the world at attention on Sunday (March 17) when she released a new track via her Tumblr called “Bow Down/I Been On" which boasts plenty of tough talk from the fairly reserved pop star.

In her March cover story for Vogue, Bey revealed that her new project would be “sensual” and “empowering" and during his recent appearance on "RapFix Live," The-Dream even alluded to the direction of Beyonce’s album saying, “There's no particular sound that I think we're shooting for, we're just trying to make music that feels good."

But the new Hit Boy-produced track revealed a side of Beyonce that even her fans weren’t too sure about. On the track she’s singing, “I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife. Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my sh--t, bow down bitches.” And as the song segues into part two, she tries to show off her Houston roots with a chopped and screwed beat, but it comes off as a little forced at some points.

So how did fans respond?

Some came to her defense:

:“Beyonce finally came with something other than her usual nursery rhymes and y'all straight up dead her. Damn! Hahaha,” @ItsJazzyFBaby wrote.

“'Bow Down' is not Beyoncé's new single. Let's get that straight. This song is an announcement. A warning. A storm is brewing.” @alexandergold chimed in.

@AZEALIABANKS: “Loving this new Beyonce Jammmmmm! "Bow Down" is the truth teaaaaaa!!!!”

@colmoc_12: Love the h town feel in Beyonce new song

@TheGreatVashawn Them two new Beyonce songs go HARD....seriously!

Others were appalled and turned off by the so-called message:

“Remembering how the White House endorsed Beyonce as a role model for their daughters-Bow Down B---“ -@mrdaveyd

“Absolutely HATE @Beyonce 's new single. Not classy, B, not classy. Ain't nobody going to tell me to bow down but Jesus.” -@ToryMorrow

“Now it's "You wanna be me. Bow down bitches"?!! Someone needs to be fired. I will enjoy this vacay from Beyonce.” -@CristalBubblin

@Ekaete84: On a separate note before I have to teach a bunch of noisy kids... That Beyonce song must be a joke right? Please tell me it's a joke...

@must_dash_: Oh Beyoncé, I was expecting girl power not a ride through the ghetto...whats going on :(

@JahnoiSays: Beyonce's new track kina put a downer on my mood for an hour. That kinda disappointment, I know all things are possible but shit.

@ParisJade05 Beyonce- Bow Down/I Been On... Ummmmmm I Duno How I Feel About This One ! ! Wen It Goes In2 That Advert Beat Thoughh.. That Beats Cray

Let us know if you’re feeling the new track.