J. Cole Responds To Hottest MCs List, Fans Defend Rapper


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The world is still buzzing about MTV's "Hottest MCs" list and one rapper who didn't make the list, J. Cole, is chiming in. The Roc Nation rapper doesn't feel like he was dissed because he didn't release a full album in the past year. "Think about it: From what they say, it's [judged based on] the past year. I had a quiet year," Cole admitted during the interview conducted last week with DJ Drama.

Cole then threw in a joking dig. "But still, I should be on there. I don't give a f---, DJ Drama, they're still gonna die, they're f---in' dead and I'ma kill 'em," he taunted the powers that be that selected the top ten. Cole added that certain rappers can't be compared because of their disparate styles. "Some of these guys that you're putting up against each other are from different f---in' planets. They shouldn't even be in the same conversation. Future doesn't even give a f--- about Kanye. They don't interrupt each other's lives; they're not competing on the same level, so what are you doing [ranking them on the same list]? I don't know."

Even though J. Cole seems to have taken his absence in stride, many fans did wonder why the "Can't Get Enough" rappers wasn't included. "Why isn't J.Cole up there?" asked one today on Twitter. Another agreed, with "J.Cole should have at least made that list whats going on." One fan was more optimistic and felt that J. Cole's music speaks for itself. "y all these rappers mad about the hottest mcs list in the meantime the rappers thats really hot kendrick, j cole lettn they music speak."