Kendrick Lamar's #1 'Hottest MCs' Title: Undisputed Champ?

Diehard Kendrick Lamar fans have been following his work for years (through projects like Section.80 and Overly Dedicated) but it was in 2012 that the Compton MC really broke through to the masses. His critically-acclaimed album good kid, m.A.A.d city debuted with over 240K in first week sales (a big win for a rap album) and, lyrically, it also cemented the fact that he's one of the greatest MCs we've seen in years. Most fans seem to be in agreement that he deserved his #1 spot. See the feedback below.

@RON_SLYDA RT @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @KendrickLamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game shift in conscious is real y'all unaware

@GeeRock819: #Salute score another 1 for Compton RT @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @KendrickLamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game

@PromoBoy35: @MTVRapFix Ya'll got that list right!! @kendricklamar deserved that #1 spot. #REALMC #MTVLIST

@MichaelMillz: Salute @kendricklamar for #1 on @MTV @MTVRapFix #HottestMC of 2012

@samcave_: this is fair RT @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @KendrickLamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game

@KateGubs: Congratulations to @kendricklamar for winning @MTV's Hottest MC ON @MTVRapFix! You are a POETIC GENIUS!! :)

@ShitTalkinSilva @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @KendrickLamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game ” thank god MTV got that right.

@EvilJeanyis Swag RT @gleamsatm: Told yall RT @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @KendrickLamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game

@MoistMurderer: @MTVRapFix: Congrats to @kendricklamar the #1 #HottestMC in the game " well deserved

@TeamTwizz: @MTVRapFix i must say alot of people still dont know Kendrick as a household name thats my only complaint for #1

@JayvinC Yooooo @MTVRapFix got something right. 2012 was Kendrick's from the getgo

@ben_thomasson @MTVRapFix Thanks for not upsetting me. Knew Kendrick deserved it. #HottestMC

@DreamerD2006: @MTVRapFix at least you got a real mc in #1....

@robertocobian @MTVRapFix y'all got a lot of hip hop heads shaking their head at half this list but at least y'all got #1 right.