Nicki Minaj Almost Topless In French Montana's 'Freaks' Video. Feeling It?


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

French Montana released a video for his dancehall-inspired single "Freaks" today filled with scantily-clad dancers and plenty of Dutty Wining, but it's Nicki Minaj's cameo that has everyone talking. Forget the demure Nicki at the "American Idol" judges table, the rapper goes back to her raunchy roots, bouncing her notorious backside in incredibly tight spandex, gold pasties and little else.

"Nicki Minaj be one of those chicks that be looking mad good in the club and be whining but don't dance with anyone," summed up a fan on Twitter. Others, were mostly stunned and shared thoughts like "Nic you are so god damn sexy" and "YES YES YES"

One fan asked Nicki about her choice of ensemble during a Twitter chat following the video's premiere. "Did the removing of the pasties hurt?" to which Nic replied, "OMG, hurt so badddd, lol, ultimate pain...4real> " Poor French even had a hard time keeping his focus, with Nicki's goodies so openly displayed.

"how hard was it 2 focus wit @NICKIMINAJ jacket being open?" asked a fan on Twitter and French laughed, "Extremely hard/she asked how i look?Lol"

This sexually-charged image may come as a surprise to some, as Nicki has been seen in more demure looks as of late. At a press conference for her new K-Mart collection, Nicki told Necole Bitchie and other sites that she's been feeling more "romantic and sexy" lately. But why not be both? As one fan said, "Nicki Minaj can rock the raunchy, classy, mature, young, sexy, ratchet, etc. look! She looks good in anything & everything!"