Danny Brown Isn’t Feeling Our ‘Hottest MCs’ List

By Maurice Bobb

Tell ‘em why you mad, though. We’re just past the halfway mark on the Hottest MCs list and already there’s been an irritated radio phone-in from the media-dodging Kanye West, who was unhappy with his No. 7 ranking, a video rant from A$AP Rocky, who would rather not be ranked at all than to land at No. 8 on the list and now, Danny Brown has taken out his frustrations with the list on the “diss” record “#HottestMC.”

On the Harry Fraud-produced track, the Motor City rapper shuns his normal off-kilter rhymes for a more direct message aimed at MTV’s annual list and, more importantly, egging on the competitive nature of MCs who made the list and those that didn’t or won’t: “Your rhymes are cheap/You release your poor product/You’re a servant in my world/No rap gods curse you/When judgment day’s upon you/Reality’s a virtue.”

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.