Does A$AP Rocky Deserve The #1 Hottest MC Spot?

Kanye West made it clear that he's pissed off about being #7 on MTV News' annual "Hottest MCs" list, but A$AP Rocky took it a step further, stating that he'd rather just not be on the list at all, if he can't be #1. Quite the bold statement. Some fans agreed that he should've been higher on the list, but they weren't convinced about his #1 proclamation. See the reactions below.

@OnikasFiance_ LMFAOOO > RT @MTVRapFix A$AP Rocky wants #1 #HottestMC spot, or no spot 'at all'

@KiidStylez11: @MTVRapFix NOT HAPPENING

@kabe_19_84: Think its a joke the way kanye west and asap rocky are acting over this hottest mc list, be humble and thankful you were even in the topten!

@AG_cosmic: Hottest MC in the game right now? I say ASAP. He's gotta whole movement wit barely any songs on the radio.

@eL_Teee: Kendrick beats him in all the criteria so... RT @MTVRapFix: A$AP Rocky wants #1 #HottestMC spot, or no spot 'at all'

@tommydbossplaya: Asap my nucca but he needs to stfu and quit whining about his position on mtv's hottest mc list,u made the list hommes#sit

@RAS_TAE_FARI: ASAP Rocky Says He should be #1 on MTV Hottest MC’s List! hes a damn CLOWN!

@boliver36: ASAP Rocky says he's the hottest MC out right now. Okay. Like your album but take it down a notch.

@ThatNinjaBlvke: I dont agree with MTVs Hottest MC list... ASAP #8 and Yeezy #7 both need to be in top 5 #whomakesthislist?

@TheGospelOfJuan: Kendrick was the hottest rapper of 2012. Followed by tity boi, and asap Rocky.

@thatwhitebitch: Rappers are cocky. In other news, the world is round > MTV's Hottest MCs List: Why Kanye, A$AP & More Are Mad About It

@jmcastillo_PC: The Reason Why Everyone Is Wearing Gold Again Is Because Of Your Boy: ASAP Rocky On Why He Should Of Been Number 1 On MTV's Hottest MC's…

@IDIMO_ : ASAP has some nerve saying he should have been #1 on the hottest mc list.

@YoungnCray: mybe top5! ahead of kanye atleast