Love & Hip Hop: Rich And Erica Reconcile, Mendeecees And Rashidah Hooked Up?

On last night's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop," Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz finally decide to let Erica Mena go. The two crash a party which Erica is hosting, and never told her "manager" about, and Rich tells her it's donzo with them but Erica ain't hearing it.

When she and Rich sit down, she tells him that she messed up because of her trust issues. Erica starts yapping and tells Rich that she's a single mother and her baby daddy sucks, which apparently explains her crazy behavior. Rich stands firm and says that he is taking her R&B record away from her. "I'll buy the record off of you," says Erica. She then asks him if he wants to manage him. Poor Rich is putty in her hands. It's anyone's guess what he decides to do.

Joe and Tahiry have a sit down to discuss Tahiry wilding out on Kaylin. Tahiry is over it. "I snuffed her. What you gonna do?" asks Tahiry. Tahiry says she's upset that Joe ditched her record. Joe in his bedroom voice says that Tahiry is old to which Tahiry counters that she looks old because she supported him when they were together. "I made you the man you are today!" says Tahiry. Damn! Joe, always the joker, asks Tahiry for a threesome as a form of reconciliation. Tahiry says that Joe is history. Kaylin and Joe have a recap conversation. Kalin is clearly hiding her jealousy but tells Joe that he should give Tahiry a "musical gift." Oh boy...

Elsewhere, Jen is struggling with Christmas shopping because she and Cons are technically not celebrating the holiday. "I don't want to keep fighting about it," cries Jen to her best friend. Cons isn't hearing it. He says that he doesn't want to dilute his religion and Christmas isn't something he celebrates. "Rudolph don't run my crib!" says Cons. He then tells Jen that her celebration of Christmas is hollow as she doesn't even celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday. Jen says that all she wants is to take their son to her friends house and open presents. Cons seems okay with that...for now.

Lore'l and Winter have a sit down to discuss the tell-all book. Lore'l says Winter is a liar and not a friend. Winter apologizes for upsetting her friend but her apology seems shallow. She thinks that Lore'l should apologize to her. Huh? "I hope that shit don't sell nothing!" says Lore'l and tells her to remove material from the book. Winter agrees but Lore'l storms off anyways.

We find out that Rashidah the "Celebrity Shoe Consultant" has been involved in a legal issue in which she allegedly stabbed a bouncer. Rash is exonerated but the rumor mill is buzzing about her criminal ways. To make matters worse, Mendeecees claims he smashed her back in the day. Yandy, who is apparently a journalist also, covers the launch of Rashidah's new private label shoe line. Winter asks Rashidah if she smashed Mendy to which Rashidah seems mildly shocked. Rashidah explains that Mendy paid her money for a real estate deal before but after his actions, she kept his money for her pain and suffering.

Rashidah confronts Yandy and asks her why her man is bugging. "I think Mendeecees is a f---ing clown," says Rash to Yandy. Ouch! Yandy doesn't take the red-haired woman too seriously. Yandy says she could care less about the duo's past but tells her that Rashidah can deal with her if she has issues moving forward. Hmm..