Chris Brown Spits New Verses With Rihanna By His Side

The 40th American Music Awards - Arrivals

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chris Brown is showing off his mic skills once again. The singer debuted a new rap song at Diddy's party in Los Angeles a few nights ago. In the clip from Skee TV Breezy spits tough about money and "bad bitches." Breezy's now on-again boo Rihanna can be seen standing by his side during parts of the song in a baseball cap and black shirt.

Off wax, Chris and Rihanna have been making headlines this week after an episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit inspired by their romance aired last night. The episode follows a fictional singer, Micha Green, who is physically assaulted by her hip-hop performer boyfriend Caleb. She refuses to press charges and stays with him despite his volatile temper and history of abuse. Finally, Micha is found dead and authorities believe that Caleb was the cause. The episode featured real-life media personalities like Wendy Williams and Perez Hilton and even made reference to Chrianna when Detective Munch says of the couple, "They should double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna."

Despite the negative attention, Chris seems to be embracing positivity. He was recently spotted at Elton John's Oscar viewing party where he was all smiles. "I've made mistakes and I made, you know, the biggest mistake of all of them on a night," Brown said. "Things got out of hand. I was a kid and I didn't understand things going on in my head. I've grown a lot since then and I know things now I didn't get then. I know some people still talk about it but I'm the one who learned the lesson and I know I'm a different person now."