Iggy Azalea Plays 'Mary, F---, Kill' On 'Week In Jams'

By Victoria McCarthy

Iggy Azalea will appear on this Sunday's episode of MTV2's "Week in Jams," and guest host Po Johnson played a round of "Marry, F---, Kill" with the Aussie native, who will release her debut album The New Classic later this year. Her choices: Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, and Jams' own Charlamagne Tha God.

After some playful banter, Charlamagne and Iggy decided that they were best off as f--- buddies, leaving it at that. “I like you, so I’ll f--- you," Iggy told, “but I won’t be with you forever.” To which Charlamagne cheekily replied, “And I’ll appreciate the favor.”

Now left with the excruciating choice of who to marry and who to kill between Charlie Sheen and the Biebs, Iggy looked to that factor which guarantees a relationships success: money. “You think Charlie Sheen is richer? Alright f--- it I’m marrying him… Kill Bieber."

Tune into The Week In Jams at 11PM ET on MTV2, Sunday night.