Tyler, The Creator Photobombs Unsuspecting Donald Trump


via Tyler, the Creator Instagram

Mac Miller has to give Tyler and Taco some props for this one. The Odd Future rappers performed on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" earlier this week, where Tyler debuted the new track "Tree Home," but he also got into some backstage antics, getting the best of an unsuspecting Donald Trump.

Apparently Taco pretended to love The Donald, so that Tyler could make this photo happen. He then proudly shared the results with Mac Miller (who was recently targeted by Trump) on Twitter, captioned, "Donald Musty Ass."

"Was photo bombed yesterday by a wise guy when i left the set of @LatenIGHTjIMMY," Trump explained later, "…..Guy in front asked for picture- said he was the biggest fan, never saw the guy in back."

During his visit to 'Jimmy Fallon,' Tyler performed “Domo 23," and debuted the new track "Tree Home" from his upcoming album Wolf.