Kanye West Vs Taylor Swift, Grammys, Pop & Lil Wayne Vs Heat: Who Had The Best Rant?


By Maurice Bobb

One thing's for sure: Kanye West and Lil Wayne had to get a few things off their chests in the past few days. Call it the "Yeezy and Weezy Best Of" show, if you will. Question is: who had the best outburst/tirade?

Last week, Lil Wayne went at the entire NBA and the Miami Heat’s three biggest superstars, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and especially Chris Bosh, and really ruffled some feathers in the process , causing Uncle Luke and Pitbull to go at him for dissing their city or origin and his "second home." To those living under a rock, here’s another look at Tunechi’s incendiary comments:

"You let them ni--as know I'm from the streets so this ain't no Twitter beefin or no online beef, just take it to the motherf--king streets, ni--a. F--k all them ni--as. F--k LeBron, f--k She-Wade, f--k Chris Bosh, f--k all them ni--as, man. And, and, and, I f--ked Chris Bosh wife," Wayne said.

For his part, Wayne wasn't apologetic for his onstage bombast, but he did recant the part about his "boy" LeBron. That wasn’t enough for Pitbull, though. Mr. 305 responded to the Young Money CEO’s All-Star weekend diss with a diss of his own, “Welcome to Dade County.” The “Give Me Everything” MC went at Weezy with the line, “Mouth signed check, ass can't cash/ One-time LeBron, Bosh, D-Wade, Flash," over Baauer's buzzing "Harlem Shake" instrumental.

Yesterday, Wayne finally responded to Pitbull via Twitter, writing, “Dam pit bull bro I thought u was kool.”

Not to be outdone, ‘Ye let out his frustrations onstage, too, in London and Paris, respectively, where he aired out the Grammy’s, “The Grammys can suck my d---," and even did the unthinkable: dissing Jay-Z's collab with Justin Timberlake, telling the crowd, “Remind me again who’s the original super-fly? And I got love for Hov but I ain’t f---ing with that ‘Suit & Tie’."

And, just to reinforce that he wasn't remorseful about that whole Taylor Swift thing, he threw in, "Taylor Swift beat Beyoncé at the Grammys? Beyoncé be dancing in heels and s---," adding that the Recording Academy could 'suck my d--."

The Watch the Throne MC/producer kept the fire going in France, where he said in his performance that "There's no motherf---ing awards or sponsorships or none of that sh-- that can stop the dedication to bringing y'all that real sh--," before using the interlude of “Clique” to half-rap, half-yell, " Little do you know, you can do what you want. No matter how they try to control you, or the motherf----er next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherf---ing want."

In between flare-ups, the G.O.O.D. Music impresario did share some good news, though: "I wanted to let you know, I'm working on my new sh--.”

Hov and JT haven’t responded to ‘Ye’s comments yet, but things could get very interesting since the two will be hitting the road soon for their co-headlining "Legends of the Summer" tour.

With Yeezy and Weezy’s penchant for artistic “expression,” don’t look for either to curtail the right to voice their disapproval any time soon. But, hopefully, both can find a way to say “Woosah” before the next time they hit the stage.

Who do you think had the best rant: Kanye West or Lil Wayne?