Mac Miller's 'Most Dope' MTV Show Premieres With Hella Antics

By Sidney Madden

Tuesday night’s (February 26)  premiere of “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” on MTV2 definitely gave fans a chance to feel like extended members of the crew. The six-part reality show follows Mac and his crew as they navigate their new digs in Hollywood and work on the rapper’s sophomore album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off.

The main players in the show are Mac, Quentin (the business mastermind), Jimmy and Peanut (Mac’s childhood friends) and Big Dave (the NFL player-turned-bodyguard). As the show's title entails, the five of them do everything together, from photo shoots to studio sessions. And as with any group of crazy guys, the activities often involve rowdy hijinx, inside jokes and raunchy humor.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the gang, got a tour of Mac’s new L.A. mansion, and followed his excitement as he was named Complex magazine’s “Man of Next Year." As his trophy for the award, he received a customized black Fisker Karma sports car, which he subsequently humped, took pics with and drove until it ran out of gas. (Sounds crazy but c’mon, wouldn’t you?)

Bonus clip via RemoteControl

Aside from his goofy freestyles and culinary concoctions, one of the best comedic elements of the show is that Mac insists on constantly referring to the cameras that are following him around, a term in show biz called ‘breaking the fourth wall."

Although on screen he seems right at home in his new reality star role, before the show’s premiere, Miller admitted he was skeptical about having his life taped. "I wasn't excited until [recently], because the whole time I'm thinking, 'Man, this show's gonna suck," he told MTV News. "It's me — what do people wanna look at me for?”

But contrary to his instincts, after last night’s first episode, it seems Mac’s fan base loved the inside look:

@SarahKBrazell: I’m already obsessed with @MacMiller’s new show

@IamNooneatall: @MacMiller Don’t sweat dudes twice ur age attempting 2 throw shade – u have a fisker, a bomb a$$ show & a huge future, unlike their tired a$$e$

@Eric_Randall: @MacMiller that show last night was pretty legit

@StonerBoii2Cold: This Mac Miller Show >>>> #MostDopeForLife

@GoodMoonBadDay: @MacMiller mac, your show is the highlight of my week I’m glad you made it you deserve it all, can’t wait til next Tuesday!! :)

Catch “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family” Tuesdays at 11:30 pm on MTV2.