Joe Budden Was 'So Hurt' When Tahiry Refused To Marry Him

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy with reporting by Nadeska Alexis

Joe Budden is not one to shy away from his feelings and now the "Love & Hip Hop" star is setting the record straight about his relationship with ex-girlfriend and castmate Tahiry. While sitting down with part of the show's cast, Joey recently told MTV News that he feels he's always honest in his intentions with his ex-girlfriend and he hopes they can mend their relationship.

"I have absolutely no ill will, no malicious intent. She's somebody I care about deeply...and somebody that I love. If we can just work the kinks out of the relationship, I think it would do us both some justice."

Fans of the show watched the roller coaster relationship between the two this season. Initially Joe felt that Tahiry was not being honest with him and wanted to be back in his life. Once he opened up about his relapse into addiction, Tahiry (via Joe's mother) was pulled back into the relationship and swore to help the beleaguered rapper with his issues. Once Joe cleaned up though, his current girlfriend Kaylin was not too happy about the exes reigniting their friendship. Kay and Tahiry almost physically fought in a recent episode but by this week's episode, the two seemed at peace with sharing Joey.

Joe told MTV News that he proposed to Tahiry during their courtship but she "flaked on him." Joe claims that her uncertainty hurt him and has caused him to behave as he does. Tahiry counters that Joe was not being serious about the proposal and planned it on a day that any wedding registrar would be closed anyways. "I guess I have some issues I have within that I have to work on," says Joe in hindsight.