Kanye West Confirms Work On New Album In Latest Rant


By Henna Kathiya

Fans have come to expect that Kanye West will mouth off during any given performance and he did not let the audience down at his most recent performance in Paris. Ye did not hold back on his irritation, but he also went on to tell the crowd that he has new music in the works.

"There's no motherf---ing awards or sponsorships or none of that sh-- that can stop the dedication to bringing y'all that real sh--," West shouted after his performance at France’s Le Zenith via HipHopDx.

During an interlude for “Clique” Ye continued to half-rap, half yell. " Little do you know, you can do what you want. No matter how they try to control you, or the motherf----er next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherf---ing want," he said.

Despite his angry rant, Kanye did have some positive news for fans. "I wanted to let you know, I'm working on my new sh--," he said.

Earlier in the week 'Ye ruffled some feathers when he expressed his disapproval for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s new song “Suit & Tie." “Remind me again who’s the original super-fly? And I got love for Hov but I ain’t f---ing with that ‘Suit & Tie," he said.