50 Cent Hunts For Osama In 'Zero Dark Fiddy' Skit

By Maurice Bobb

“It’s 50, the number after 49,” says 50 Cent in “Zero Dark Fiddy,” the hilarious parody of the Oscar-nominated film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” from last night’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live." In the clip, the running joke is everyone’s mispronunciation of the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' MC’s hip-hop handle.

The head of the CIA and Osama Bin Laden, played by SNL’s Fred Arminsen, both call the Queens spitter “Fiddy,” which frustrates the rapper to no end.

The G-Unit general dons army fatigues and goes after the Al-Qaeda leader, who, despite popular belief and exhaustive military intelligence, is holed up in Van Nuys, Los Angeles not Pakistan. But instead of using the military’s most advanced weaponry, “Fifty” enters the storage facility to take out Bin Laden with “gun-chucks,” a play on martial arts' most recognized weapon, the nunchucks. Of course, Bin Laden brings "knife-chucks" to a "gun-chucks" fight and Fif takes him out with ease, while his hit, “In Da Club” plays in the background.