Love & Hip Hop: Winter And Lore'l Fight, Rich Dollaz Dumps Erica Mena

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Relationships were put to the test on last night's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop." Yandy and Mendeecees confronted her creepy cousin, who was taking sexually suggestive photos of her on the last episode, and bury the hatchet. Mendy and the cousin shake it out and he apologizes for going HAM on him in the gym.

Tahiry and Kaylin also extend the mutual olive branch after nearly beating each other up over Joe Budden. Kaylin admits that her love for Joe makes her do strange things and Tahiry says that any problems Kay has should be directed towards the rapper and not at her.

After speaking to his business partner Peter Gunz (a.k.a. Cory Gunz's father) and his own mother, Rich decides that he needs a break from Erica Mena. Peter says that Erica's crazy antics are causing the brand to be compromised. Rich admits that he messed up by not having any contract signed. "You bugging out," says Peter Gunz. Rich's mama, also his business manager, has even more mincing words for her son. She isn't feeling Erica and thinks that the crazy girl needs therapy. "This girl is dangerous. You know what you have to do to help her...She doesn't need a manager, she needs a psychiatrist!" says Mama Dollaz.

Rich approaches Erica and tells her that he's unhappy, which leads to yet another fight. Erica says that she's loyal contract or no contract and although Rich may try to dump her, she isn't going anywhere. Take that!

Lore'l is working on her own professional issues. She tells Winter that she's fired her manager and is looking for representation, to which Winter suggests Yandy. The three women, along with a handful of others, meet up during a party to celebrate Winter's new tell-all book. Winter reads a passage from "Game Over" but instead of talking about her own rapper bed hopping, she reads a section about Lore'l.

Winter essentially throws her friend under the bus by calling her sleazy and someone who isn't to be taken seriously as a rapper. When Lore'l confronts her, Winter claims the shade came because the two were fighting at the time when the chapter was initially written. "I was so furious. I wanted to kill this girl," says Lore'l. Lore'l then says that Winter sleeps around for money and is a liar. Winter responds that she hasn't lied and doesn't need permission to speak the truth. Fuming, Lore'l storms off and the bffs are at war.