Ab-Soul Calls Jay Electronica His Spiritual Advisor

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy with reporting by Sway Calloway

Ab-Soul is a spiritual guy and he's found some extra guidance in Jay Electronica. During Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live," the Black Hippy rapper explained that he's gotten some unexpected spiritual counseling from Jay Elect.

"He's just a deep dude," Ab-Soul said. "He's really who he is. Man, he's the Black God! He's a fan of my music and he connects with me on that level. I think we touch on a lot of the same things. He just hit me up out the blue."

Ab-Soul further explained that Jay Elect told him to stop using drugs. He recounts Jay's words, "'The brain already has all of the chemicals that all of these drugs have. Drugs are just a crutch so take it easy on the drugs.' For real. It was crazy."

Ab was joined by Wu-Tang legend Raekwon during the interview and he talked about recording his solo album as well as the possibility of a Black Hippy collaborative album with Kendrick Lamar and others. "It's Detox 2," Ab-Soul said of the effort, basically confirming that it will never come.

He also called himself the "editor" of the group. "We're all individual people. We're all aware of that. We just try to be ourselves at all times. I'm probably more grammatically correct."