Ja Rule Released From Prison But Still Not A Free Man

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Talk about bittersweet. On Thursday (February 21) Ja Rule finally wrapped up a two-year prison sentence for weapons possession charges, but he was immediately taken to another facility where he will be locked up for another four months for evading taxes. No to mention that when he's actually free, he'll still owe a $1.1 million tax debt.

"He completed his state sentence, but the state and federal sentences were running concurrently and there is an overage on the federal one," his lawyer Stacey Richman told MTV News. "He still owes time on the federal charge." At this time Richman is unsure where the 36-year-old rapper would even serve the remainder of his time.

"It could be in a halfway house or another federal facility or a camp," she said. "I wrote to them [federal authorities] and gave them a list of issues ... We tried to plan for this by filing paperwork months ago ... But this is not s surprise to anyone. Everyone was expecting this." Read the full story at MTV News.