Mac Miller Would Waste Money On 'Senior Citizen Twerk Videos'

By Zach Carugno

Mac Miller recently sat down with MTV2’s "Week in Jams" host Nessa for anything but an orthodox conversation. When asked the top 5 things that he'd blow his money on, the answers he gave were, let’s just say....very different.

“Organically grown marbles, from the pasture….marble seed," was his choice for number two, while his number one favorite thing to appropriately splurge on would be “senior citizen twerk videos." We won’t give you the reason why he chose this as number one, though, you’ll have to find that out for yourself by checking out the video above.

But honestly, is there a better way to spend your money? Mac thinks not. And if these answers are any hint of the type of antics we’ll see when his show “The Most Dope Family” debuts next Tuesday at 11:30pm on MTV2, we’re all in for one heck of an entertaining series.