Lil Wayne Isn't Barred From Attending NBA Events


Lil Wayne's epic rant during NBA ALL-Star Weekend was enough to top the absurdity of his famed deposition video, but some of Weezy's statements may have been a little bit skewed. He claimed that part of his rage was due to the fact that he's been banned from NBA events, but the league says it ain't so.

Wayne lashed out at the Miami Heat, and specifically at LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (not to mention Bosh's poor wife), and also gave a big middle finger to the NBA for banning him from events, but maybe that's in his  own head?

A spokesperson for the league told MTV News that the New Orleans rapper wasn't prevented from attending any of events during All-Star Weekend and NBA senior VP Tim Frank told The Miami Herald that Wayne's claims were simply "not true."

In video footage from that eventful night Wayne asked the crowd to chant along with him, prompting them, "When I say f--k you say nba.. When I say f--k you say the Miami heat!"