Lil Wayne’s Miami Heat Rant: Did He Go Too Far?


By Maurice Bobb

After Lil Wayne’s seething anti-Miami Heat rant went viral, one thing’s for sure: Weezy F. Baby still knows how to move the meter in popular culture. Tunechi’s scathing dress down of the NBA and the defending NBA Champs’ Big Three, which included the bold revelation that he’d slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, has everyone from the sports world to the hip-hop blogosphere chiming in. Fans and detractors of the Young Money CEO took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the situation and they are nothing if not completely varied in scope and passion.

A small sample size of the Twitterverse reveals that most “fans” chose to pan or make light of the YMCMB head honcho’s remarks:

"You let them ni--as know I'm from the streets so this ain't no Twitter beefin or no online beef, just take it to the motherf--king streets, ni--a. F--k all them ni--as. F--k LeBron, f--k She-Wade, f--k Chris Bosh, f--k all them ni--as, man. And, and, and, I f--ked Chris Bosh wife," Wayne said.

Lil Wayne Isn't Barred From Attending NBA Events

Marley (@MarleysAngels) reasoned that Wayne was just salty that LeBron and Dwyane passed on building a friendship, tweeting, “Lil Wayne still mad at Lebron n Wade for not recognizing him n saying hi at the game lol. Biatch.” Another fan, Edgar (@New_Tape_City), took the “LOL” approach, “If Lil' Wayne really slept with Chris Bosh's wife like he said, you know Bosh will counter by sleeping with Birdman.” Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio), who has had a run in or two with Wayne due to his negative comments about Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” record during Hot 97’s Summer Jam, chose to roll with Miami, “Only Lil Wayne could make me root for the Miami heat.” The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) made the well-known Laker fan the “Donkey of the Day,” writing, “Announcing publicly that you f-cked another man's woman is so damn lame.”

As much as the I Am Not A Human Being II MC’s comments about the Heat’s stars ruffled feathers, it was his assertion that he was the next Tupac that really drew ire. Stephen A. Smith (@stephenasmth) of ESPN’s “First Take,” tweeted, “Lil Wayne saying he's the next Tupac is like Manti Te'o saying he has a hot girlfriend.” Hip Hop Wired’s Alvin aqua Blanco (@Aqua174) wrote that Wayne’s antics may cause fans to utilize the NBA’s amnesty rule, “Black people may have to amnesty Lil Wayne.” Another fan, Melanie (@Its_Me_Mell), graphically described her thoughts on Weezy’s claim to ‘Pac fame, “Lil Wayne is so damn childish and petty. And the fact that he would compare himself at all to Pac makes me want to gag!”

It takes some persistent searching to find fans that cosign Wayne’s rants, like Birdman did, albeit without the implied menace, but they do exist. JassyMotherfuckingB (@JaspalBadesha_) defends his favorite rapper, writing, “i dont care what anyone says Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers hands down, you cant deny that,” while it was business as usual for ana vogrincic (@OhheyitsAna_), who continues to listen to the multi-platinum spitter’s discography in class, “Jammin out to Lil Wayne in chemistry, I dig ????????.”

The NBA has already denied that it banned Wayne from attending games, but LeBron, Dwyane and Chris have yet to respond directly. LeBron did post a tweet today that read simply, “The Cooler..” with an Instagram photo that reads: “Just know that when you’re hot something cold will try to ignite themselves off of you to try to stay relevant. Don’t even engage! #dontlookbackwards #pushforward.”

Do you think Lil Wayne went too far with his comments?