Clive Davis Gets Candid About Bisexuality In 'Soundtrack Of My Life' Memoir

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By Henna Kathiya

It's definitely not an understatement calling Clive Davis a music legend. He has an uncanny ear for music and, as a result is responsible for fueling the careers of big name talents such as Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson. Not to mention he’s the current chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment. After 50 years in the music industry, Davis put all his experiences into his memoir "The Soundtrack of My Life," in which he reveals his bisexuality.

Davis was definitely not afraid to get personal in his new book, revealing in the final chapter  (via Entertainment Weekly) that since the end of his second marriage in 1985 he has been sexually involved with men. He writes about having relationships with both men and women. He also talks about being in a monogamous relationship with a man for the past seven years.

The music executive began to experiment with men when a male fan at Studio 54 approached him. Although he has been in a relationship with a  man for the past seven years he makes it clear that he is bisexual and not gay. “Do I feel I could have been similarly attracted to a woman?” he wrote. “The answer is yes.”

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