Love & Hip Hop: Fight Night With Tahiry vs Kaylin, Mendeecees vs Trainer

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Monday night's (February 18) episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" was full of fights and discord between almost all parties.

On the heels of releasing her new single, Rich Dollaz pressures Erica Mena to officially make him her manager. She agrees, but only if he can find the money to shoot a music video for her. The always resourceful Dollaz goes to his frat brother, who works at liquor giant Diageo, and hits him up for cash. The frat brother is shocked and lets Rich know that his girl is on the lowest level and his company will not pay for her music video. Erica goes H.A.M. when she hears of the news and calls Rich "cheap." As usual, she storms away and leaves their relationship in the balance.

Lore'l and Winter talk about Lore'l's stalled rap career. Winter points blame at Lore'l's friend and manager, radio host Angela Yee, as the main culprit for nothing moving forward. The rapper and manager sit down to discuss the issues and Angela flatly lets her client know that she needs way more groundwork before she can "get popping." Ouch. At least it came from a friend?

In other dysfunction, Jen The Pen lets her man Consequence know about her fight with Raqi Thunda. Cons swears he never tried to hit on Raqi, despite Raqi's claims, and even writes Jen a rap to prove his love. Raqi and Cons, who were once friends, end up facing off in the studio and nothing is solved. Raqi hates Jen. Cons defends his woman. Looks like this friendship is O-V-E-R.

Joe Budden and his girl Kaylin finally have a heart-to-heart convo and Kay openly disapproves of Joe working on music with Tahiry. Joe agrees that it's awkward and that he will respect his girlfriend's wishes. Unfortunately, when Tahiry gets wind of this, she goes into full-on crazy mode. After all, wasn't Joe calling Tahiry when he needed emotional help? Now she can't get a free verse or two? Kaylin and Tahiry get into a physical fight and producers have to pry them apart before a full blown cat fight ensues.

The second physical throwdown happens after Mendeecees sees Yandy's male trainer (aka her "cousin") posting racy photos of her on his Instagram. Mendy is not happy seeing Yandy's curves on display and tells the trainer to remove the photos immediately. Yandy defends her "cousin" and says that she helps his "marketing" so she can get free training sessions. Yandy's "cousin" refuses to oblige as well and Mendeecees' aggressive side comes out. He pounces on the trainer and the two start fighting, only to be pulled apart by producers. Mendeecees tells the trainer that he'll catch him on the streets and muscles or not, he's going to beat him down.