Lil Wayne Insults Miami Heat, LeBron, Wade And Bosh In All-Star Rant


By Maurice Bobb

Like Michael Jordan, Lil Wayne doesn't forget a slight. Last week, the YMCMB CEO was thrown out of the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena for allegedly making a gun gesture at a fan, causing the "long hair don't care" MC to voice his displeasure via Twitter: "So I'm @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F#€k da Heat."

Considering that Tunechi had become accustomed to sitting courtside at NBA games and that, according to him, he has been banned from all NBA events because of his beef with the team, the I Am Not A Human Being II spitter relayed his feelings on getting snubbed from attending the NBA's biggest weekend of the year in the only way he knew how: onstage at the Beats By Dre afterparty at Houston's Stereo Live.

Chris Bosh's Wife Brushes Off Lil Wayne's All-Star Diss

TMZ has exclusive video of Wayne lobbing lyrical grenades at the Heat's trio of stars and, of course, the NBA: "When I say f-ck you say nba.. When I say f-ck you say the Miami heat."

"You let them ni--as know I'm from the streets so this ain't no Twitter beefin or no online beef, just take it to the motherf--king streets, ni--a. F--k all them ni--as. F--k LeBron, f--k She-Wade, f--k Chris Bosh, f--k all them ni--as, man. And, and, and, I f--ked Chris Bosh wife," Wayne said.

As an exclamation point, Weezy punctuated his incendiary rant with the proclamation that he "ain't Tupac I'm the new pac," referencing the late rap legend known for giving any and everyone in the industry and beyond that dared go up against him the middle finger. Beats' own Karen Civil tweeted that Cash Money's five-star general, Birdman, co-signed his son and longtime protégé on all accounts and issued a threat of his own: "If Wayne say f-ck you, I say MOTHER f-ck you.. Anybody got a problem with Weezy, they got a problem with me.. They can die tonight - Birdman."

What are your thoughts on Lil Wayne's comments towards the Miami Heat?