Ne-Yo Responds To Criticism Of NBA All-Star Game Performance

NBA All-Star Concert and Performances

By Maurice Bobb

Ne-Yo served as the introductory performer to this year’s NBA All-Star Game in Houston and, judging from the overwhelmingly negative response from fans online, did not deliver the slam dunk he’d hoped for. Despite the incongruity of love songs to preclude the announcements of the East and West All-Star players, the R.E.D. singer pushed on with two of his biggest songs: “Let’s Go” and “Let Me Love You.”

As with any performance involving the Grammy-winning songwriter, there was plenty of synchronized dancing and pyrotechnics. But the real fireworks took place on Twitter, when the R&B maverick sent the following message to all of his haters and his nearly three million followers: “Shout out to those showing love. Everybody has an off day....all good. F--- any and all haters. Talk it while I live it bitches!!!”

Ne-Yo’s mentions went platinum after the volatile tweet, with fans chiming in. One fan, @DiamondDogBark tweeted, “@neyocompound you mad?” while another, @MrMake_U_Better, was sure the singer would have tweeter’s remorse, “Yep @NeYoCompound is gonna have to delete that tweet later.”

One fan, @StarsPrettyEyes, reminded the crooner that he should just focus on the check he’d still get from the NBA: “@NeYoCompound thumb thru tha check n shrug it off.”

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